LipSync Dating Program MODULE 3: Claim & Celebrate Your Worth

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Once you get clear about your personal values, interests, and desires at whatever stage you are in your life right now (these are always shifting, changing, and evolving if we're investing in life at all), then it's important not to back down from them, but rather claim them and celebrate them.

This is a true shift in most people as they date when they realize that who they are is "good enough" and that not everyone is going to be attracted to you, but it only takes one to be attracted to the authentic you, rather than some facsimile of who you think other people want you to be. How exhausting to have to continue pretending to be this person they said they fell in love with when you know deep down it isn't your authentic self. This module helps you lean into the truest part of you and gain the confidence necessary to celebrate your own value and worth before you look for someone outside of you to do it for you!

Your Instructor

Cindy Austin
Cindy Austin

Cindy Austin has more than 20 years experience working with all walks of life and all ages and stages of relationships. From dating and just engaged to wanting to make a good marriage even better and also struggling with whether to stay or go, and ultimately, un-coupling with as much grace and dignity as possible.

She has not only walked the walk herself but she has been privileged to walk alongside many of her clients as they have faced their own heartaches and relationship disappointments. She aspires to now empower even more people to begin the process of deliberately and consciously choosing a significant relationship from the start rather than facing the painful consequences at the other end with a divorce or perhaps as roommates tolerating a lukewarm partnership for years and years or at least “until the kids leave home”!

Chemistry is important, but clearly there is so much more to the process! Let’s begin releasing the mindset of scarcity and fear and practice adopting the mindset of abundance and love–a much more empowered approach to choosing our lifelong partner! Let’s discover how to do this together in a safe and compassionate environment.

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